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  • Genre
  • Ba La La Xiao Mo Xian Zhi: Meng Huan Xuan Lu

    Ba La La Xiao Mo Xian Zhi: Meng Huan Xuan Lu

    • G - All Ages HD SUB
    • TV
    • 22 min per ep
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    Overview: To help the fairy Queen find her disappeared friend Melody, who was a skillful music fairy from the Music Castle, Sally, Maggie, Michelle and Beibei encountering nine musical magicians and fighting with dark musical witch Voiceless. Sally and the fairies suspect that Melody is connected with the dark power behind the scene. While, what is the truth? (Source: Mahou Shoujo Wikia)
    • Rate: G - All Ages
    • Native: 巴啦啦小魔仙之梦幻旋律
    • Synonyms: Balala the Fairies Season 3, Balala, Little Magic Fairy: The Dream Melody
    • Aired: Jan 26, 2015 to Aug 26, 2015
    • Premiered: winter 2015
    • Duration: 22 min per ep
    • Episodes: 52
    • Score: 6.05
    • Producers: Alpha Group Co. Ltd. B.CMAY PICTURES
    • Genres: Comedy Shoujo

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