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  • Da Wei Bei Ken: Daomei Tegong Xiong

    Da Wei Bei Ken: Daomei Tegong Xiong

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    Overview: A Chinese adaptation of the international Backkom franchise. This film serves as a prequel to the main show. With the human exploitation of natural resources, the Arctic environment is completely destroyed, leaving only the last polar bear to survive. A human girl named Jessica adopts the polar bear and names him Backkom. Jessica is an extraordinary agent of the Security Department. Backkom eager to become an agent someday, but he is so clumsy that he can only do the cleaning in the Security Department. All of a sudden, a mysterious organization of polar bears shows up, places bombs around the world, and claims to seek revenge from human race. To remove threat of bombs, the top decision-making body of men, Global League, decides to arrange agents going under the basement of the Polar Bear Organization. While there are human detectors placed in the basement, their mission failed. Leaving the Global League with no choice, they have to train Backkom into an agent and arrange him to the Polar Bear Basement. Jessica is so concerned about Backkom and follows him in secret. Backkom and Jessica encounter so many difficulties in the basement, while they all succeed in solving them. They remove the bomb threat eventually, but Backkom was caught by the organization, where they show him a shocking fact. In the same time, the Global League is concerning giving up on Backkom, and launches attack to the Polar Bear Organization. (Source: Wikipedia)

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