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  • Jeong-geul-eseo Sal-anamgi: Maru Adventure

    Jeong-geul-eseo Sal-anamgi: Maru Adventure

    • PG - Children HD SUB
    • TV
    • 12 min per ep
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    Overview: Maru and friends' exciting adventure begin when they were lost in Borneo Jungle. As they explore wild life of Jungle, they happen to get to know Shalamar, a native jungle warrior and Kai, a mysterious boy. All together they travel into the deeper jungle looking for Mr.Rhapa. They never expected to see unknown creatures called Igras, mutated animals due to unbalance of Anima energy in jungle. Unpredictable...jungle adventure begins with Maru, Ara, Gabi, Shalamar and Kai... Wild life of jungle and mutant creatures Igras makes the journey unique and interesting ever. (Source: WelCon)
    • Rate: PG - Children
    • Native: 정글에서 살아남기 마루의 어드벤처
    • Synonyms: Jeong-geul-eseo Sal-anamgi Maluui Eodeubencheo, Jungle Survival Maru's Adventure
    • Aired: Aug 31, 2015 to Aug 29, 2016
    • Premiered: summer 2015
    • Duration: 12 min per ep
    • Episodes: 52
    • Genres: Adventure Kids

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