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    • G - All Ages HD SUB
    • TV
    • 25 min per ep
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    Overview: Set in a world of anthropomophic dinosaurs, brothers Bernie (blue), Bruno (pink), Bubba (green), Buck (yellow) and Bugsy (purple) were born with special powers to help fight crime. Each brother's special power was related to a specific part of their anatomy; Bernie's legs, Bruno's arms, Bubba's tail, Buck's mouth and teeth, and Bugsy's telekinetic eyes. The group rode out on their Rexmobile to battle “Big Boss” Graves, crime kingpin of Rep City (the show's setting), and his evil organization, The Corporation. Kid sister Ginger was part of the singing group, but didn’t know about her brothers’ secret identities. (Source: Wikipedia)
    • Rate: G - All Ages
    • Native: T-レックス
    • Aired: Sep 14, 1992 to Jan 23, 1993
    • Premiered: fall 1992
    • Duration: 25 min per ep
    • Episodes: 52
    • Producer: Kitty Films
    • Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Kids

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