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  • Tetsu no Ko Kanahiru

    Tetsu no Ko Kanahiru

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    Overview: There came a time when iron vanished from Okinawa. A Cana baby called Kanahiru arrived at the shores of Okinawa. He was from a far away land called Iron Hills. A place far beyond the seas. He was baffled by the deformity of Gana Hill, even teased the citizens, but he decided to stay. Years later ferocious demons capture Gana Hill and take Kanahiru to the demon island.
    • Rate: G - All Ages
    • Native: 鉄の子カナヒル
    • Synonyms: Kanahiru The Iron Boy
    • Aired: Aug 4, 2007
    • Duration: 32 min
    • Episodes: 1
    • Producer: Higa Brothers Production
    • Genre: Fantasy

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