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  • Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang: Niu Qi Chong Tian

    Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang: Niu Qi Chong Tian

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    Overview: In 3131, the goats lived on Qingqing Field happily, and the Grey Wolf lived in the castle with his wife named Red Wolf beyond the Qingqing Field. Every time when Grey Wolf appeared on the Qingqing Field, and was going to catch the goats, all the goats would work together and chucked the wolf out of Qingqing Field. PGBBW is a classic story line of a village of happy-go-lucky goats and their not-so-friendly wolf neighbors. Each episode explores the wolf’s latest scheme to catch himself goat for dinner. Despite his attempts, the goats in the village always seem to outsmart the wolf—all while creating a funny and adventurous plot line.

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